Apologize, Kristi Noem!

Write to S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem. Tell her that because of her disregard for life — Native lives, women’s lives, and animal lives — that she needs to do the most basic human thing: apologize. Tribes deserve an apology for her smear tactics, and the world deserves an apology for her continued lies and cruelty.

Releasing her book “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward” is a sad milestone in Noem’s already checkered career. Her lack of judgment and shameless political ambition in her quest to buddy up to Trump and seek the vice presidency show she’ll never be fit for a role in the White House. Rather than building trust with the public, Noem has shot herself in the foot by revealing her own lack of character in painful detail: murdering a goat and her puppy, “Cricket,” telling an easily debunked lie about meeting foreign leaders, and doubtless further falsehoods soon to come to light.

This follows her series of comments degrading Native families and tribes, associating them with "Mexican drug cartels."

Her unapologetic doubling down in the face of near universal blowback reveals her (yet again) as someone lacking the credibility and moral integrity to lead in civic life — much less be a step away from occupying the role of Commander in Chief. At Lakota Law, we oppose her ongoing threats to tribal families and sovereignty, her attacks and smears against the Lakota people, and her status as a major shill for the corporate extractive power structure.

Tell her that tribes — and all of us — deserve an apology!