Emerging Issues

We always do our best to keep you informed of what's current, but new issues arise every day in the Lakota People's struggle for justice. All these issues must be addressed. We thank you for your solidarity!

  • Protect Water: #NestlePledge and #StarbucksPledge

    Nestle makes enormous profits each year and faces no legal accountability for stealing water. Now coffee empire Starbucks has struck a multibillion dollar deal with Nestle. We ask you to join the movement to #BoycottStarbucks, #BoycottNestle, and boycott all of their products. Nestle profits from water theft, habitat destruction, child slavery, & plastic pollution – don't support them!

    Take and share the pledge. Click here to view a list of Nestle brands and our recommended alternatives.

  • Tell Your Reps: Protect Voting Rights!

    With H.R. 1, the U.S. Congress is considering the most comprehensive suite of voter protections since the 1960s. Meanwhile, conservative states across the nation want to pass laws to disenfranchise BIPOC. Please write to your senators and congressperson and let them know you won’t stand for a nation that silences Indigenous, Black, and Brown voices. Tell them to support strong national voter protections — right now.

  • Return Mount Rushmore and Black Hills to Lakota!

    In 1877, the US federal government unilaterally seized the Black Hills — which contain Mount Rushmore — from the Sioux, a direct violation of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. The treaty language stated that these lands should be reserved for the "absolute and undisturbed use and occupation of the Indians.”

  • Tell Biden: End DAPL!

    Tell President Joe Biden to stop DAPL once and for all. Protect the planet and the Lakota people. No destruction of the earth. No endangering our water. Mni wiconi — water is life.