Defend Native Voting Rights

Let’s ensure fairer elections by ending voter suppression in Indian Country. The right to vote is sacred, and all Native people must have a voice in our democracy.

Tell Your Reps: Count Every Vote in 2020

The 2020 election could determine the fate of U.S. democracy. In the face of unprecedented voter suppression and election interference, it's absolutely critical that each and every vote cast be accurately counted. Tell your elected officials: we need a free and fair election in which the voices of the people are heard!

Our Impact Together

Mobilizing Standing Rock to register and vote in 2018

In 2018, we combated a new voter suppression law by busing Standing Rock tribal members to get IDs and get to the voting booth.

Standing Rock the Vote!

Our 2018 Standing Rock the Vote effort included teaming with Four Directions to go door-to-door and register voters on the reservation.

on the streets of Standing Rock in 2018

Standing Rock voters

newly registered in 2018!


in voter turnout over previous mid-term election

Posted: November 02, 2018

North Dakota’s Racist Voter ID Law Is Already Backfiring

Daily Beast

First, a coalition of groups led by the Lakota People’s Law Project and the national Native American group Four Directions have been furiously helping people get proper IDs free of charge. According to the Associated Press, they’ve helped more than 2,000 people get them.

Posted: October 31, 2018

Thousands of Native voters in North Dakota getting free IDs

Associated Press

We're at our best in crisis," said Phyllis Young, an organizer on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation for the Lakota People's Law Project, adding that the issue "is only making us more aware of our rights, more energized, and more likely to vote this November."

“We were saved by the new IDs. This came in and really helped a lot of us.”

— Darlene Chasing Hawk, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Native voters

eligible but not yet registered to vote (source: National Congress of American Indians)

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