Supporter Toolkit

We love it when people decide to jump in and deepen their engagement. Whether you're creating your own event, launching a fundraiser, or need visuals to make a poster or social post, we've got you covered.

Usage Guidelines

We ask that anyone using Lakaota People's Law Project assets only use the logo and other visual elements in the format provided.

Note that use of the assets provided here does not imply partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement.

All uses of our logo should follow our brand guidelines.

The name of our organization is: the Lakota People’s Law Project. The name is written using uppercase/capital letters at the beginning of each word (aka Title Case). The word ‘the’ is often used before the name of the organization, but isn’t part of our name and therefore isn’t capitalized.


To be clear, these graphics are the intellectual property of Lakota People’s Law Project and are protected under appropriate laws.

Actions to Avoid


Altering the assets.


Using our graphics as part of your product(s), services, or business name

We’re excited to see what you create! Please contact us and share anything you make using the assets we provided.