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The Black Hills are not for sale — they never were! It's time to respect the treaties and return stolen lands, sacred sites, and Indigenous artifacts to our continent’s original peoples.

Tell your reps: Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Email your senators and House rep — and tell them to support the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Act! Let’s replace the Columbus Day federal holiday with Indigenous Peoples’ Day nationwide. Nobody should celebrate genocide. Passing this legislation will acknowledge, appreciate, and pay proper respect to the original peoples of this land.


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Chase protests to return the Black Hills

July 3, 2020: Chase Iron Eyes faces a line of National Guard members during a protest against Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota.
Posted: July 04, 2020

Native Americans protest Trump’s Mt. Rushmore rally

PBS Newshour

Chase Iron Eyes: We have an ancient a priori and sovereign right to say who can and can't pass through our territory according to the 1851 and 1868 treaties, which are much newer than our United States Constitution.


signed our petition to return the Black Hills to the Lakota


LPLP attorneys Lanny Sinkin and Daniel Sheehan

In 2017, Lakota Law defended lead counsel Chase Iron Eyes after he was arrested at Standing Rock, arguing that no trespassing charge should stand against a person arrested on his own tribal treaty land.

Pe Sla: sacred ground returned to the Lakota!

Lakota Law mobilized activists and the press to amplify the fight to return this sacred site, and Chase Iron Eyes helped lead the fight to stop mining in the Black Hills. Photo credit:
Posted: July 09, 2020

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Native American Rights in Oklahoma

The New York Times

Madonna Thunder Hawk, an organizer with the Lakota People’s Law Project, said the court’s decision and a recent federal ruling that ordered the shutdown of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota had been cause for celebration. Just not too much.

“It’s a war for us,” she said. “There are some victories, but the war continues.”

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